Thursday, October 31, 2013

Creative Halloween Baby Bumps

I love Halloween.  Halloween is such a creative time of year.  The thought put into Halloween costumes and even home decorations is amazing.  This year I came across pictures of pregnant women that decorated or incorporated their baby bump.  One painted her bump as a beach ball, while dressed in a bikini.  Being that I'm in the swimwear business, this one ended up being my favorite. 

But I must give shout-outs to the other creative new moms out there.  One mommy-to-be painted her pregnant belly as a pumpkin while her husband held a carved pumpkin beside her, with the arrival date and name of their soon-to-be newborn baby.

Then there's the scary baby bump costumes - a fitted t-shirt with baby arms coming out of the belly, surrounded by blood.  The DIY costumes, like the cat costume with the fish bowl painted on the belly, I also enjoyed.  This sunny-side-up costume on Huffington Post cracked (LOL) me up.

Halloween is all about kids, family and of course candy.  Keep up the Halloween spirit Moms.  Thanks for sharing.  Here are some pics...

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