Friday, December 27, 2013

New Years Resolutions for New Moms

I started thinking about New Years Resolutions on a parent level and came across this article on Parents Magazine, which I ended up tweeting about....

10 Real-Mommy Resolutions: Put a Cap on Your Work Day (via @parentsmagazine)  #NewYears #resolutions #parents

It got me thinking about taking the time to slow down and really take everything in, especially my children.  My littlest one has just turned 2 and I'm noticing she's hitting milestones at lightening speed.  She is talking like crazy, forming sentences, counts to 10 and knows the whole alphabet.  As much as I want her to stay a baby (longer), I'm always excited to witness her progress. 

Since I can't slow down time, it's time to make some New Years Resolutions, in making changes to my everyday routine/activities.  As a working Mom who has also just started a new business, I need to make some adjustments to my schedule and manage my time better, to truly enjoy and focus on my kids.  One thing I couldn't agree with more, is putting a cap on my work day.  I love my job, so I am definitely guilty of working longer hours throughout day.  And with starting a new business, I tend to work even longer hours than expected.

Now it's time to schedule in play dates, walks, activities and park days for me and the kids.  In turn, not only will it be of benefit to my kids, but also a benefit for me. If I write these activities into my calendar, I am more likely to follow through. (That's the problem with getting older, if I don't write it down, I WILL forget).

Plus the activities and walks will help me get back into shape, so it's a WIN WIN all around.  Happy New Years everyone!!!  Feel free to share your New Years resolutions with me on Twitter or Facebook

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